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It’s time to transcend your current level…

Settling is not an option for you. You have a burning desire to create a legacy, design a life without regret, one your future self applauds you for. Change is inevitable, but TRANSFORMATION, that is by conscious choice.

As featured in Feminessence Magazine, seen on The Girlfriend Hour, and published in Amazon International Best Seller, Change Makers.

Do you believe in serendipity?

(n) happy accident; the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Coincidence.

I do, and know with absolute certainty that our paths have crossed for a reason. You may not yet realise exactly what it was you were looking for but one thing is for sure, you know it’s time, YOUR time. That fire that burns deep inside, the feeling you have in your gut, can no longer be ignored.

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Welcome Co-Creator

I’m Jacqui B, your transformational strategist and alchemist. Think of me as your secret weapon, intuitively gifting you the keys to unlock the legacy you’ve always dreamt of creating.

I’ve been an entrepreneur and coveted business owner for over 21 years (the same age as my son, yikes). Before taking the leap, I proudly served 15 years as a Logistics Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, so may know a thing or two about strategy. As I entered the third chapter of my life, I embarked on a personal journey in search of the missing piece, the one that would reignite my soul. Taking a path less trodden has made all the difference in my life – now it’s time to pay it forward.

This is your life to design – time to turn the page and write how this story ends.

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Working with Jacqui B, What You Can Expect.

This is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach; I highly value your personal experiences, intelligence and importantly time, and together will co-create a high-end bespoke transformational experience expertly tailored to YOU.

As reflected in my logo, each client to me is a gem…unique, priceless, multi-faceted, with a degree of clarity, and most likely been placed under extreme pressure at least once in your lifetime. You shine brightest when your life is in alignment, and like all good investments, your value keeps rising.

Feeling jaded from investing $1000’s in ‘programs’ or ‘coaches’ only to be left still wanting? I hear you. I’ve been there. The outcomes felt predetermined, out of alignment with the true me. Bottom line, I felt unheard. Time to disrupt this ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Together we work in partnership – as your trusted confidant I travel alongside you, helping you to navigate your personal transformational journey until YOUR desired outcomes are reached.

There is no passion to be found playing small…

…in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” ~ Nelson Mandela

Apologising for wanting more from your life stops right now! Your success wasn’t built on luck but sheer hard work and a vision, YOUR vision. You put the ‘extra’ in front of ‘ordinary’.

Whether you seek transformation in your business, relationships, health, wealth or ‘all of the above’ the answers lie within you. Your innate wisdom has been toying with ideas for a long time, but quite frankly, it’s exhausting carrying that noise around in your head.

Lately, you’ve felt a shift; being called to draw a line in the sand, get out of your own way and step up. That’s where your secret weapon comes in. Jacqui B’s gift is to extract your deepest desires, facilitate a renewed and unique awareness of what’s been stopping you, and effortlessly co-create fulfilling life outcomes that surpass what even you think is possible.

Awards and special mentions.

WEF Exceptional Woman of Excellence, Extreme Excellence Official World Record Holder, Nominee, Beam Women to Watch 2022.

In 2019, Jacqui spoke to 2000 delegates at the Women’s Economic Forum in Delhi, India where she was awarded the title “Exceptional Woman of Excellence”. Since then, she has gone on to be featured in the Feminessence Magazine, a guest on The Girlfriend Hour, an Extreme Excellence Official World Record holder for female entrepreneurs, and published in Change Makers, an Amazon #1 International Best Seller.

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